Meeting Aug 15th

ObamaCare Town Hall Meeting, Aug 15 at 7PM

This meeting will focus on the effects of ObamaCare on taxes, spending and medicare.  We’ve lined up health care experts, legal experts from the Pacific Legal Foundation and Igor Birman, Chief of Staff for Congressman Tom McClintock to help you understand this massive takeover of our healthcare system.  Mr. Birman emigrated from Russia and will speak about his experience with government controlled heath care programs.  There will be plenty of time for Q&A after the panel discussion.

Location: Lakehills Covenant Church
Address:  7000 Rossmore Lane
El Dorado Hills, CA
Date: August 15
Time: 7PM

The Panel

  • Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney, Mr. Tim Sandefur is a legal expert on the Supreme Court ruling related to Obamacare.
  • Congressman McClintock’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Igor Berman will address Health Care Rationing and Taxes.
  • A member of The Physician’s Council for Responsible Reform, Dr. Ronald Tachibana worked with House members on reform legislation.
  • Manager of Midtown Primary Care Associates of East Sacramento, Ms. Pam McDonald has first hand knowledge of the Medical Community impact of Obamacare.
  • President of The Pacific Research Institute, Ms. Sally Pipes is a national expert on Obamacare.  She has written three books on health care in the United States and several briefs to the Supreme Court during the recent debate on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

The Urgency

  • “ObamaCare” will cost Americans an extra $1.7 trillion as currently estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.  What are some of the costs of this extravagant takeover of about 15% of the economy?
  • Major impact on small business health care plans.  Small businesses may be forced into government run exchanges or be fined for not providing coverage for their employees.
  • Up to 21 new taxes from $65 billion in individual and employer penalties to a $20 billion tax on medical device companies.
  • Reduction in the supply of doctors to provide medical services.   We could lose between 25-40% of our practicing doctors who simply do not want to work in a government healthcare system.  This is the experience of Canada – a shortage of qualified doctors.
  • Doctors are refusing to take Medicare patients because of the onerous paperwork and fixed price payments.  And many others!

This Town Hall Meeting is being sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Tea Party as part of our commitment to return America to a country of LIMITED GOVERNMENT, FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY, and FREE MARKETS.
For more information visit:
El Dorado Hills Tea Party Patriots

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